Digital marketing trends for 2019 which will help you to design your campaign and strategy

1.Instagram – the key channel

The year 2019 it will be about Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Influencer Marketing, Instagram Content Marketing, and Instagram Advertisements.

2. Facebook Messenger Marketing Will Dominate

The key reason for marketers to switch to Messenger marketing is due to the fact that Facebook’s organic reach is dead. Facebook doesn’t really want you to post a lot of content pieces on your pages. A Single Facebook Messenger Broadcast has at-least 50% opening rate, much larger opening rate than that of email and SMS marketing.

3. LinkedIn advertisements will be on a roll

2019 is about inMail marketing and LinkedIn Lead Generation advertisements. If you are in B2B domain or selling expensive stuff, 2019 is going to be the golden year for your Digital Marketing efforts on LinkedIn.

4. Whatsapp Marketing will be on the rise

It is anticipated that Facebook Ads will have ‘Whatsapp Us’ call to action button that will lead people to WhatsApp for business in the first half of 2019

5. Storytelling – Instantly on the go

2019 is about how quickly can get your brand in telling stories then and there and not wait for the right template and the right moment

6. Videos will continue to rise

From the marketing perspective, Videos will continue to dominate in 2019 too. For your Lead generation and audience engagement – video would be the most ideal go-to-digital marketing tool.

7. Augmented and Virtual Reality Innovations on Facebook

In 2019, expect brands to create campaigns around camera-based AR filters that could stand out in the crowd

8. Voice Searches Will Increase

Over 2019, you can expect people to start using voice search more than the routine type in. Which means long tail keywords will dominate.

9. Artificial Intelligence Based Chatbots

As per Gartner, 25% of customer service will use chatbot technology by 2020

10. Influencer Marketing on Instagram and YouTube

Marketing will continue to attract the mass in 2019, these influencers can be anyone: celebrities, Instagrammers, YouTubers, bloggers or tweeters.

11. Visual Search Volume Will Increase

Marketers can get the edge on competitors by jumping on the visual search trend in 2019 by adding relevant alt keywords to draw customers and serve them the perfect product.

12. Google Lead Form Can Change The Game

2018 was about Facebook and LinkedIn Lead Generation form, this eliminated the whole idea of having great landing pages, by early 2019 we will see Google Lead Form fully active and this would be a game changer.

13. Marketing Automation Will Continue to Dominate

If you haven’t invested in smart marketing automation then you are going to miss on a larger chunk of business in 2019

14. Three Tools That Could Be Game Changer

Tik-Tok, Telegram, and Whatsapp for business.

While Tik Tok could help you take your brand to the millennials, the other two would play a vital role in Message broadcast.

These are 14 digital marketing and social media marketing trends for 2019. These upcoming trends will help you to design your strategy for the new social media or digital campaign. These digital marketing trends will help to grow your business.  This video is published by Sorav Jain in his youtube channel