WordPress Care & Resource Management

A composite care plan for your wordpress website that takes care of all your website maintenance and security needs.

Affordable care plans to keep your wordpress website at top notch performance at all times. You take care of the real work, while we support you with maintenance.

With 24/7 chat support, rigorous weekly checks and monthly scheduled activities, your website will always be at the best of its performance.

WordPress Care & Resource Management is the best care plan that takes care of all your wordpress maintenance necessities including backups, security and updates. A team of dedicated developers with years of wordpress experience ready to resolve any problem that may occur to your website at any time.

WordPress Updates
Plugin & Theme Updates
Monthly Backups
Database Cleanup
Backlinks Verification
Broken Links Correction
Loading Speed Management
Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation
Spam Cleanup
24/7 On-Chat Support

Every year, thousands of websites go offline due to malware, spam or just lack of timely updates. Without a care plan, your website is vulnerable and open to all kinds of online threats.

Causes of websites going offline globally

Without WCRM, you are :

1. open to malware attacks
2. open to spamming on posts and comments
3. open to no-backup recovery in case of website crash
4. open to slow website speed
5. vulnerable to malware released on the internet daily
6. living with broken links, that will affect your SEO rankings and ad performances
7. not able to anticipate what comes next for your website’s security
8. showcasing to customers with outdated content

Zero time investment for important regular activities

Complete security and monitoring to ensure zero downtime

Support from highly experienced developers, 24/7

All plans include all activities. We take care of all websites with equal perseverance and attention. Packages are divided by nos. of pages and nothing else.

1. WordPress Upgrades
2. Plugin & Theme Updates
3. Monthly Backups
4. Database Cleanup
5. Backlinks Verification
6. Broken Links Correction
7. Loading Speed Management
8. Vulnerability Assessment & Mitigation
9. Spam Cleanup
10. 24/7 On-Chat Support

Important Terms

1. Cancel Anytime
2. Monthly Improvement Suggestions
3. Both Monthly and yearly commitments available
4. Free Billing Support
5. Zero Extra Charges

...websites that are already enjoying the benefits of WCRM..

Download the Free QuickGuide

Download the freebie document and have a quickstart with wordpress maintenance. With illustrated step by step information, it will allow you to do a quick maintenance schedule on your wordpress website.


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