Our Vision

Think Beyond Tomorrow

As technology moves forward, the only way to stay at par is to stay ahead.

Our Story

Beyondt started its operations in mid 2014 with a three people team, founders Abhishek Gupta, Tabassum Parveen and one developer. The core idea was to build software that were visually as strong and aesthetically designed as  was in any other part of the world. Indian companies and websites till then were mostly utility specific, with little attention to the visual and design philosophy. Both Abhishek and Tabassum had studied in film schools, thereby developing a deep sense of visual presentation and understanding of the impact of it on the user or audience. This learning ensured there was a visual story in each website or app developed.

The soul of Beyondt was shaped by the founders. Tabassum was an artist, a painter with an acute sense of perspective and a unique view of the happenings around. Her kind nature and compassion poured into the soul of Beyondt. She breathed her last on October 2020 and although she is not here today, her love for coffee, kindness for humans and animals and enthusiasm for building something new will always keep her light shining in us. 

Beyondt has proudly developed each and every project till date with a forward thinking approach, ensuring every website coming out to be mobile-friendly and fast, even before Google mandated the same for marketing purposes and search engine visibility. 

With almost no marketing, Beyondt has grown through the love of the people it has served, proudly serving near to hundred clients till date. Apart from developing software for companies in different parts of India, it has also developed software and apps for organisations across borders in Dubai, United Kingdom and Canada. From the initial thought of building great design, Beyondt has transformed itself to build more value, enabling access and growth in life through technology.

Our mission at Beyondt is simple ; To provide modern technology solutions that help organisations catch up and stay ahead of the curve. With new tech becoming more accessible with the growth of advanced sciences like AI and ML, we have an unique advantage of building better business practices, hence a better world.


Our Services

Beyondt provides complete solutions from concept to launch, guiding you the in the complete process. It is also ensured that design and UX are uniform with brand stories as new mediums are launched to reach new audiences. Please view our list of services below.

  1. Project Research & Documentation
  2. WordPress Design & Development  
  3. iOS Application Development 
  4. Android Application Development
  5. Hybrid Application Development 
  6. CRM Software Solutions & Development
  7. UI/UX Design

If you are not sure which service is suitable for your need, drop us an email and we will arrange a free consultation to understand your ideas and suggest you the best solution. 



Ongoing Collaboration on Ecommerce website for online selling of consumer products, perfumes

West Trust Electric

Corporate website development for Canadian electric services company

Torreh Haircare

Ecommerce store Canadian all-natural hair-products brand

Imperial Services

Corporate website development for construction and real estate company


Ongoing Collaboration on Ecommerce/Booking website for online education


Online education website development with online booking facilities.

Omnia Ventures

Corporate website development.


Hybrid Mobile App development for iOS and android.

Give-Back Org.

Website development for non-profit organisation with donation system.

Spunk Productions

Single page website design and development.

Matte and Gloss

Corporate website with service showcase and booking facility development.

Divinetouch Fabrics

Corporate website with product showcase development.

DDOC Films

Single page website design and Development.

Stella Moda Fabrics

Corporate website with product showcase development.

Azalia Fabrics

Corporate website with product showcase development.

Diamound Academy

Official website development for educational courses.

Natures Dreamland Holiday Homes

Logo brand design and official website design and development. Ongoing collaboration.

Surbhi Honey

Brand design, packaging and ecommerce website development. Ongoing collaboration.

Bobby Vats

Personal showcase website design and development.

Essaar Group Architecture

Brand design, stationary design and official website design and development.

Artx Company

Official website design and development for annual corporate art and culture event.

Light Bulb Motion Pictures

Official website development for production company.

Deepali Noor

Personal showcase website design and development.

Mindfilms India

Official website development for production company.

Flying Horse Motion Pictures

Official website development for production company.

Climbscape Advisory

Website design and development for outsourced clientele.

MTCC Congress

Branding and landing page design and development

Aman Foundation

Website development for non-profit organisation with donation system.

Vishal Saxena Photography

Official website development for photography company.

SS Homme

Brand website with product line showcase design and development.

Kreative Karma

Video development collaboration and online marketing.


Ecommerce website design and development.

World7 Mediacraft

Corporate Website Development.