Azalia – Weaves of nature


A unit of Jainam Silk Mills, Azalia is today a leading manufacturer of semi casual wear
and semi formal wear fabric collections. Azalia has created a distinctive identity for itself
in the marketplace. Having a clear vision of innovation and design, reimagined on a
global context, the company also ensures that highest quality products are easily
accessible at fair prices. Azalia Fabrics can be best described as Smart-formal and

Project Brief

While working with Azalia the primary focus was to showcase the fabrics in a clear and
conspicuous manner so that the quality of the fabrics is clearly depicted (cotton and
natural yarn fabrics.) The website developed with WordPress, is easy to navigate and
also has links to other brands.

Current Status : Live

home landing page

home page feature section

about page

about page feature details section

Fabrics Page

Collection Page

contact page

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