Omnia Ventures


Omnia understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business. With their vast experience in sales management they intend to bring outcome focussed sales related services that help small businesses owner improve focus on business growth and sales performance.

Project Brief

The omnia website is built in the wordpress platform, with a very modern interface and easy navigation. The company intended to keep direct call to actions for its online marketing, thereby defining sections with easily objective and understandable buttons and posters with small sentence pieces for the user. The website is also connected with booking, payment and OTP verification mechanism to ensure blockage of spam entering the site. Hosted on the google platform, the website has very high loading speed and an equally robust user management system on the backend.

Current Status : Live

Home & Landing Page

home page feature section

home page second feature section

home page services section

about page

about page feature section

service detail page

service page feature section page

service page detail section

blog section on service page

blog page

home page on mobile

feature section in mobile page

about page on mobile

about page feature section on mobile

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