Suresh Babu & Partner Architects


SBP exemplifies the architectural practice of the present generation. They have designed over 200 plus projects in several building typologies and are aiming to become one of the most respected and prolific architectural firm in the region. Our initial goal and brief was to design something that expressed something bigger than just architecture, but an envisioned goal for the future.

Project Brief

Our brief from the founder was to build something unique, modern and minimal, something they emphasise on all their projects. We started by finalising fonts, combining Old English Serif fonts with more modern sans serif font typologies. The layout design was done with a lot of negative space implementation, something that brought a lot of empty white space and a sense of airyness across the layout. After various combination tryouts, we finalised a traditional content flow layout with simple animation and elements transparency.

Current Status : Live

The website also hosts a directory of projects and properties designed by the firm. With multiple categories, filters and custom design developments, this directory is capable of showcasing hundreds of properties. 

A unique vision require a unique portrayal. The SBP website is unique, fresh and modern, a reflection of it’s brand vision

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