Square Feet Properties


SQFT – INDIA is a realty solutions provider in Mumbai having offices across Gujarat and Maharashtra with pan indian market presence. They guide buyers with their value-added real estate consulting services, which include property search, better price negotiation, legal advice and other integrated services. With a large presence in the indian real estate sector, they wanted to revamp their digital real estate, their website !

Project Brief

The website brief was to simply modernise the website and bring in more functionality to the company platform. They also wanted a forward thinking approach, something that can be further expanded in the future. We used wordpress for the base framework and then combined multiple pre-made and custom plugins to bring in a sense of enterprise level web platform. We also designed custom landing pages for different categories, both simple and premium. The website hosts more than 300 properties and with an external CRM integration is poised to host more than thousands of properties across the country

Current Status : Live

The idea is to be accessible, from every location. every device.

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