Effective ways to make your app scalable in a growing world

beyondt_effective ways to make your app scalable in a growing world

Scalability is the ability of an application to handle demand from an outside source efficiently and effectively. For example, say your app needs to scale up its user count in order to remain competitive in a market with very different online offers. If you can’t provide your users with access to a large enough pool of users to make use of the scalability benefits of your software, you won’t see any benefits from implementing it.

You might need to rework your implementations or roll back changes made in the past — but at least now your app will have the power to scale as needed. Here are seven effective ways for making your app scalability available to people who need it.

  1. Leverage open source code

Many developers find that the best way to make their apps more accessible is to use open source code. You can either use the source code from your app, or you can use the Google Code tool. From there, use the same tools you’re already using on your app to create a new app. By using the same code, you’ll still be able to access the same features and functionality, and your customers will still be able to use the same functions. Some developers even encourage people to use their code in their business applications — but only to a limited extent. They need the full functionalities of their apps to function properly, and they don’t want their business application’s source code accessible to customers who might soon use their business apps in a competitive market.

2. Provide tools for making your app more accessible

If you need to make your app more accessible, you can use tools like OAuth, Google Sheets, and Xcode to create a self-service app. Some success here could lead to open source apps making it to market.

3. Allow users to update their app without losing features

As your business grows, you’ll likely see more and more people using your app. It’s likely that they’ll also want to update their app. You may not want this update to take place in a public place, or you might not want it to happen at all. It’s smart to let your customers update their app as part of their regular billing process. You can also let them delete an update that has taken place on your app, or you can offer it as a manual process. This will help you keep your costs down and prevent customers from deleting updates accidentally.

4. Offer updates for free

If you have a need to make your app more accessible, you will especially want to support free updates. Apps like Google Now, Google Photos, and Instagram allow you to send updates to your customers — and they will automatically update their photos and videos. You can also offer updates for free if you have an ongoing subscription to Google Play or a subscription to a service that offers free updates.

5. Increase transparency by letting users inspect and correct their own work

One of the best ways to make your app more accessible is to let your customers inspect and correct their work. Oftentimes, you’ll see customers complain that their work isn’t perfect, or that their code doesn’t work as intended. Make sure to give these customers the chance to correct their work, and to offer replacement code if needed. This will help you stay ahead of the game, and will make your sales and marketing efforts more efficient.

6. Provide feedback andolnations for automated improvements

Automating tasks like these will help you focus on what really matters — your customers. You can use the feedback andolnations feature within Xcode to provide tips, suggestions, and improvements that your customers can use to improve their experience with your app.

7. Wrapping Up

As your business grows, you’ll need to make sure that your processes and methods are up-to-date. This will take the pressure off you to turn a profit, and free up the time for innovation. The best way to make your app more accessible is to use open source code, provide tools for making your app more accessible, and allow users to update their app without losing features.

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